Monday, July 21, 2008

Progressive BBQ

I forgot the camera...what!!! I can't believe I forgot the camera...I always get pictures :(
Sorry guys, forgot the camera---thus no pics :(
But, we had a BLAST with the Progressive BBQ= from hotdogs, to toss salad, to macaroni salad, to cookies and watermelon. We had a BLAST!

Then we had a final meeting for Kingdom Bound 2008. It was requested and decided on two more each day we will have group tshirts! Just ordered them in the requested tyedye and brite blue colors. Together, we also figured out the transportation and sleeping arrangements.

AND the next BIIIIIGGGGGG thing after KB '08! Campout at the Kolb's house on DeRuyter Lake on 8/22/08. To say goodbye to the graduates going to college and say hello to the new Vertical Connection'ers'. More details to follow on all this.

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