Sunday, November 9, 2008

Guard Your Heart

Tony and Stephanie of New Jersey blessed us on Friday evening with a message about purity, abstinance, dating, and courting. The church pews were nearly filled with teens and parents from PCC and from the community also!!!
The stage was set as Stephanie (a 16 year old that attends public school) presented a skit where she gave a beautifully wrapped "gift" to a young man. Together they opened it, and then he leaves. Stephanie is left to piece back together the "gift". Another young man then takes the "gift" from her and rips it, then walks away abruptly. Stephanie is left with a badly torn "gift". She then turns away to place a veil on her head. She takes the "gift" all torn, tattered, and used and holds it up. This is what she is left with to present to her new husband.
Tony then spoke about STDs, where God wants you near the line of "what is considered ok", and gave scripture regarding Guard Your Heart. They had us create a list of what qualities we want in a husband/wife, and to settle for nothing less on that list.
John Deckard of showed a brief DVD of a new network that will pair up Believers as they head off to college- as a potential roommate.
It was an evening so well received. Parents commented how perfectly presented and Teens said it really spoke to them. We asked them for a repeat performance in the new church---so, if you saw it...tell others when they return. It is worth watching---even twice!
Praise God for delivering this message to the Youth of Pompey Community Church and their community.