Friday, January 25, 2008

Progressive Dinner

Mr. And Mrs. Valletta sharing how God has worked in their lives.

<= "Awkward Turtle"

<= Our sheep.........

27 pairs of shoes!!!

<= Kendra hold on! Chili is almost ready.

Ready for Chili!!!

<= John W. heads inside :o)

How fun was that nite!!! Three host homes (The Pfohl's, the Jabbours, and the Valletta's) opened their doors to 23 Teens + us and 2 drivers. It was a great time of fellowship and laughs.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Man Bear turns 16

On Wednesday nites, we meet at the Parsonage of the church. We take this time to study His Word, to chat about life, to join in fellowship.

This past Wednesday was a great time of fellowship--we celebrated JRapps 16th birthday!!! His mom and dad brought meatball subs, chips, and cake. We had a lot of laughs. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHNNY!!!!

As we ate we thought of questions to ask our host homes for this Saturday's Progressive Dinner. Question freely flowed like: "When did you come to know the Lord?"; "How old were you?"; "Have you ever led anyone to Christ?" Great, great questions.

We love our Teen Sheep!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Year 2008

It's a new year. A new year to grow together, stronger, and closer to God. CLOSER TO GOD. This is the direction we want the group to focus on...yes, we will still be doing the fun stuff=the bowling, the movies, the games....but what we all must remember is that none of this would be possible without His blessing, without His directions, without His timing. Praise God for His prearranged plan. Praise Him for His Son Jesus. Praise Him that He is a forgiving God.

This year surrender your "junk" to Him. Take that inventory of your life. What are you hanging onto? What is it that seperates you with the personal relationship with Jesus? What can you give up and release that will draw you closer to Him?

Pray with us for His guidance for the Pompey Teen Group. It IS His group. He has great things planned for us all. He wants to use us for His good.

Thy Kingdom come!!!