Friday, September 26, 2008


SYATP or See You at the Pole.

Sorry about the late email for this event. But I promise you that this will be a yearly event, now that we are aware of it.

It was cool. Very cool.

There were just 6 of us there on Wednesday morning 9/24/08. It was cold but the sun was coming up, making the morning air warm. We said good morning and quietly walked to the flag pole. We all closed our eyes for prayer. Even with eyes closed you could sense the sun's shine. As prayer started, you could sense Him. In a beautiful, Fall morning we prayed for our teachers, our community, the administrators, the students, our government. We prayed that each Believing student would walk His Light throughout the halls. We prayed that others would come to know Him. We prayed for all to take time out of the day and busy schedules, to get into His Word and to tell God that we love Him.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday September 23rd, 2009. It is next years SYATP.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Helping at the Pirros

We were destructive!

We tore that barn 1/2 off in record time.
And we had laughs and time of fellowship while doing it:)
Vertical Connection met two new Teens! Connor and Dominique LaPlant---Welcome!
Allen and Lucy Pirro are very appreciative of the help. Way to go VC!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We're back from NYC

The trip to NYC was full of amazing events:

Saturday we arrived in New Jersey, checked into our hotel, and took the transit to NYC. The transit takes you through the Lincoln Tunnel which is actually underwater. Very smooth, comfortable ride...but could freak you out if you really thought about it! As we exited the Port Authority onto the streets of New York....whoa!!!! You are immediately immersed into what feels like a movie. The tall buildings, the cabs, so many people--we wanted to see everything. We spent Saturday walking and site seeing: Rockefeller center, Central Park (acres and acres of green, peaceful beauty), F.A.O. Schwartz, St. Patricks cathedral, Tiffany and Co., Time Square, and so much more.

Sunday we took the subway to Brooklyn. We actually liked riding the subway. Not scary at all! We were about to experience the whole purpose for our trip-THE BROOKLYN TABERNACLE!!!! We got there an hour early and the church was already 1/2 full! Then the choir entered--285 people that swayed, and sang, and worshipped Our Lord. Oh, the Holy Spirit was so present!!! Pastor Jim Cymballa gave his sermon on John 3:22-29. and spoke of "more thoughts on Jesus, less on me". The "AMEN!"s and "HALLELUJAH"s were repeatedly uttered throughout the church. When service was over, we slowly exited and hugged our way out the door. We then walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhatten, to see Ground Zero. There is now a large fence around the base of where the WTC was, but you could peer in and see the huge whole. We left there, got the subway, and headed back to Time Square. It was now close to 5:00 and we headed to the TIME SQUARE CHURCH for 6:00 service. As we sat in our seats waiting for service to begin...we looked around at all the nationalities that were under one roof. Even a women in a beautiful ceremonial dress (maybe from Nigeria???). Lucy commented, "Perhaps this is what Heaven will be like". After another amazing worship from the choir, The Pastor gave a message on Matthew 17:24-27. He shared "do not look to man-only God." AMEN! After a full day of walking and worshipping we headed to Tony DiNapali's for a wonderful Italian dinner and great conversation about our day.

Monday morning arrives: One last trip into the city. Lucy needed to pick up some wire for the jewelry she we go to the "Diamond district". Yep! That's what was there store after store of diamond jewelry. I stopped at one window to admire a gorgeous ring, the store owner quickly invited me in to try it on. I just smiled and shook my head no............... I know where my treasures are--there is nothing here on earth that can compare what lies ahead in Heaven. Praise God for His gift of Jesus Christ and our Comforter.

Friday, September 12, 2008

we r off to NYC

We are taking a mini vacation to NYC this weekend with Allen and Lucy Pirro. We leave bright and early tomorrow morning to site see all day Saturday. Then on Sunday we are going to two different church services. One at the Brooklyn Tabernacle, the other The Time Square Church The Brooklyn Tabernacle has a choir of 285 people!!! Can you hear the music now ?!?!??!
We have been reading the book FRESH WIND, FRESH FIRE by Pastor Jim Cymbal who is Pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle ....definantly a must read--great book. They have a prayer team who prays 24/7 - 365 days a year. We are so humbled by that thought and will be thinking of that when entering His house.
So, will share more of our trip and spiritual time with you later.
God Bless Pompey Community Church. We will see you all soon :)