Sunday, January 11, 2009

Alumni Dinner

All honor and glory to our Heavenly Father!!!

We hosted an Alumni dinner for the College students of Vertical Connection.

Eight of us got together last evening for a fun, prayerful, and delicious meal. Thanks to Kim Glies' recipe for Japanese stack ups...we giggled at the layering of different ingredients on our plates, waited till all plates were full, and tasted together....YUM!

Dinner conversation centered around college life. Praise the Lord as He holds tight to all of them during this transition of their lives! They make time for church, Bible reading, and being His light in "lost" places.

An after dinner game of Apples to Apples Bible Edition brought us into some "refresher Bible lessons". And we learned what a cherubim is and read about them in Ezekiel 10. Pretty cool.........

John Wasmund, a philosophy major, proved to be able to figure us all out the best as he quickly won the game.

What a blessed evening. Thank You, thank You, THANK YOU Father!!!

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