Friday, September 26, 2008


SYATP or See You at the Pole.

Sorry about the late email for this event. But I promise you that this will be a yearly event, now that we are aware of it.

It was cool. Very cool.

There were just 6 of us there on Wednesday morning 9/24/08. It was cold but the sun was coming up, making the morning air warm. We said good morning and quietly walked to the flag pole. We all closed our eyes for prayer. Even with eyes closed you could sense the sun's shine. As prayer started, you could sense Him. In a beautiful, Fall morning we prayed for our teachers, our community, the administrators, the students, our government. We prayed that each Believing student would walk His Light throughout the halls. We prayed that others would come to know Him. We prayed for all to take time out of the day and busy schedules, to get into His Word and to tell God that we love Him.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday September 23rd, 2009. It is next years SYATP.

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