Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kingdom Bound 2008

Did it ever happen??? It has been a whole week now since we were at Kingdom Bound. A years worth of planning, fundraising, and earning points is behind us. Well, one way to think of it is that KB 2009 is only 51 weeks away!!!!!

The Kingdom Bound experience reminds me of that new Orange County Chopper motorcycle/roller coaster ride at Darien Lake. The year's preparation is like the start of the ride---you move forward and wait, with this pit of excitement for the ride to shoot you out and begin. lunge forward as the ride begins and you're not sure what to expect--just like arriving at Kingdom Bound. Then as you relax and begin to enjoy the experience, you feel so free. Your arms lift up as you enjoy all the graceful turns, surrendering yourself to the roller coaster's glide. So much like at the concerts or morning worship--where you can relax, enjoy the music, and feel His presence. And before you know it, your arms are lifting up to our Father, surrendering to Him! Yet, as quick as the ride ends, so does Kingdom Bound.

But do we have to let the surrendering feeling end???? NO!

I pray that each and everyone of you continues surrendering to Our Redeemer.

  • When you are at church on Sunday and everyone is singing...if you are not a singer; just read the words, feel what they mean. Praise Him with that.
  • When you are alone in your room....pray out loud or quietly to yourself--either is fine with Him; and lift your arms as you pray. Praise Him with that.
  • When you are listening to your favorite Christian like a child; jump and move. Praise Him with that.

Keep that graceful glide going for the next 51 weeks. Praise Him, pray to Him.

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