Friday, December 21, 2007

Freaky Sleigh Ride

Brian doing the reverse snow angel/minus a boot.

How does the childhood song go....."Over the river and through the woods....." Well, our sleigh ride got DERAILED because just before we were to go on the sleigh ride the horses went "into the TREE!!!!". Here's the full story: We drove to Highland Forest following Rescue trucks and ambulances. We arrived at Highland Forest, met up with our friends from Dewitt Community Church, and got in line. Only to find out that a cross country skier got into the path of the sleigh, spooked the horses, the horses took off into a tree!!!! FREAKY or what!!!! Thankfully the passengers did not get hurt, but the sleigh driver broke her leg. So, we will try the sleigh ride at a different time. But here are some fun pictures :o)

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